Coffee Beans Socks

HYP Socks is a Canadian brand specialized in socks.

We are socks lovers just like you. We share our love and passion by providing you awesome designs and quality materials.

We are aimed to people who are forward-thinking and expressive in their way of presenting themselves.

Welcome to the HYP Socks world.

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HYP Socks Team

De première qualité et versatile.
Fait pour le connaisseur ou l’amateur qui veut se distinguer.
Les Hyp Socks ce sont des designs soigneux et sélectionnés avec amour.

Lucas Boko / Facebook

J’ai les bas coffee beans, ils sont super confortables et ils respirent bien. En plus le prix est bon! Certainement pas ma dernière paire de HYP Socks!

Antoine La Salle / Facebook

Awesome collection !!! Both comfy and stylish at the same time. Get positive feedbacks almost all the time I wear them under my suits from random people. Can’t wait for the next collection !
A must-have for a dandy !!!!!

Charles-Auguste Durand

Excellent quality and they look really fancy. Proud of you man. Keep it up

Michel Bayiga / Facebook

Awesome concept! Very nice! Great gift ideas for any occasions!

Féfé Jean / Facebook